Tokimonsta- Darkest Dim (Video)

The visuals for Tokimonsta’s slow jam “Darkest Dim.”


John Talabot and Peaking Lights Mixes

Swiping both of these from Gorilla vs. Bear but here a couple of cool misex from two artists I really enjoy. Don’t know if I can recommend the Talabot mix enough.


John Talabot- FACT Mix

Peaking Lights- WEIRD UP 2012

The Shins- September



The Destructors Week in Review

We’re going to try to distill all a lot of music news and tracks into this weekly segment from now on. Hopefully this will be a good thing for everyone and pack a lot of information into a small post. Enjoy.

-Scobie and Wilson

1. M.I.A- Bad Girls Video

2. Sasquatch Festival Introduces 2012 Lineup

Cool Beans.

3. Nicolas Jaar- Materials Video

4. CFCF- Exercise #3 (Building)

5. Neon Indian- Fallout Video

6. Miike Snow- Paddling Out Video

7. oOoOO- No Way Back (ft. Butterclock)

Love this.

Review: John Talabot- Fin

Far from a newcomer, Spanish producer, John Talabot, has produced his finest effort yet with Fin. Talabot has in many ways harnessed the essence of calculated, subtle electronic crescendo that makes his tracks harmonic and fluid. The first “single” from the new record is “Destiny” featuring fellow Spaniard, Pional. Belding flawless overlapping drums and graceful vocals, “Destiny” is an intricate and ornate anthem for the album as a whole. Truly masterful, it demonstrates Talabot’s mind at work.

From the contemplative “Destiny,” Talabot exhibits impressive versatility with “Estiu.” More upbeat and sunny, this track is defined by layers. Deep synth mixed with high pitch xylophone notes and elfish vocal samples make “Estiu” a fun and inventive track.

Finally, “Journeys” sounds like Talbot got into Washed Out’s beat laboratory and came up with his own fusion jam. Recalling twilight bike rides near the sea, “Journeys” is the ultimate example of Talabot’s creatively constructed album. In the end, Talabot’s genius comes through as paradoxically effortless and patiently designed.

oOoOO - NoWayBack (ft. Butterclock)

oOoOO might be one of the most innovative and spooky beat crafters in the world at the moment. Enigmatic and giftted, oOoOO is preparing for his latest EP release due out April 10. Really good stuff here.



oOoOO (still pronounced as “oh”) has been “away” (read as: touring, recording, living his life) ever since he released his self-titled debut EP on Tri Angle in late 2010, but he’s releasing a new 5-track EP on April 10 titled Our Love Is Hurting Us. Butterclock prvides vocals on two tracks, of which you can grab the latter below - NoWayBack sounds a lot like NoSummr4U, which is probably still his best song to date).

mp3 oOoOO - NoWayBack (ft. Butterclock)


Phew that was a long two months. Due to a lot of “life changes,” Wilson and I took a break from posting for a while. Luckily, it appears that we have survived the deluge and have appeared to again present you with new music, reviews, and recommendations. We sincerely apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued support of the The Destructors. We are also promising big things for the blog this February. Now for some music…


Scobie and Wilson

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James Blake- Curbside

Gotta love James Blake.


Kurt Vile - Baby’s Arms (La Blogothèque Session)

Love me some Kurt Vile.



Kurt Vile and his band of long-haired rockers perform the melancholic Baby’s Arms for La Blogothèque in the midst of some Parisian bushes.

“Des cheveux, des cheveux, des cheveux. Des T-Shirts usés, mités, des jeans troués, des lunettes noires et des pompes fatiguées. Des guitares, du bruit ! Synthèse : des anormaux, des asociaux, des hippies, des fumeurs d’herbe.”

xxxy- Everything

Per xxxy’s facebook page:

Parting gift, as promised, before I go to Red Bull Music Academy for two weeks.

(I will be back next Friday briefly to play THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT)



Everything by xxxy